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Dog Friendly

Our four-legged friends are welcome at our campsite. Good coexistence with the rest of the campsite guests will be guaranteed by respecting a few simple rules.
Dog Friendly

To make your stay better:

  • Present your pet on arrival
  • Show its sanitary record booklet
  • Do not leave it unattended
  • Always keep your dog on a leash and wear a muzzle
  • Always carry a dustpan and bag with you to collect its waste
  • Do not disturb other guests
  • Respect the common areas where your friend is not allowed access
  • Outdoor dog-walking area
  • Self-service fountain for four-legged friends
  • Shower for dogs

* In order to safeguard correct coexistence, we reserve the right to expel guests whose dogs are particularly aggressive towards their peers and people. Any damage to third parties and to the campsite facilities by animals is the full responsibility of the owner.

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